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Vaca Muerta Shale

Texas – Louisiana Gulf Coast
Cane River Resources, Inc. specializes in the generation and marketing of close-in, low risk, exploitation type prospects primarily along the Gulf Coast utilizing proven, old fashioned conventional prospecting techniques as well as state of the art technology like magnetic resonance imaging to identify and confirm by-passed pays. While “low risk” often implies low return or small reserves, this is not always the case. Cane River marketed an 18,000’ 20 to 30 BCF prospect in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana and assembled a Wilcox prospect in Liberty Co., Texas with potential reserves in the 50 BCF range. It marketed and sold a 30 BCF Frio test on the flank of a prolific dome in Brazoria Co., Texas. On the other end of the scale, Cane River has assembled and sold low risk, development type wells with reserves in the 1 -2 BCF range.

Permian Basin
In addition to Cane River’s prospect generation and marketing activities along the Gulf Coast the company also markets prospects, acreage positions, farm-outs, minerals and producing properties in the Permian Basin. Cane River also invests in projects, and works with companies involved in the water handling business, -- SWD, fresh water supply, brine mines, recycling, etc. Cane River also identifies and maintains a list of surface owners interested in leasing their land to such companies to build water handling facilities. If you are interested in increasing or decreasing your exposure in the Permian, contact Cane River.

With the election in 2015 of Mauricio Macri, a very pro-business president and the embryonic stage of development of the world’s third largest oil shale deposit (the Vaca Muerta Field), -- Argentina currently offers a rare oil and gas investment opportunity. Evidence of such was Exxon's announcement that they may spend more than $20 billion over the next 20-30 years as it transplants its U.S. shale drilling technology to Argentina’s Vaca Muerta Field. However due to current high drilling and operating costs it is difficult to make money at this time. The conundrum here is whether to jump in now, establish an attractive acreage positon and hang on with minimal economics until better times, or wait to establish a position in this world class field until things get “just right” and find that you’re too late to the party to acquire a good acreage position for any reasonable price. Cane River Resources, Inc. through its industry contacts in both Buenos Aires and the U.S. identifies and evaluates oil & gas opportunities in Argentina.

Prospects / Projects
1) Vaca Muerta Shale, Argentina
2) Permian Water Handling Projects

For more information on any of the above, contact:
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